Our team has made a simple calculation (Tom is Operating Partner of the “Sugarfactory” restaurants and co-founder of “Till-pro” ).

This calculation is based more on everyday experience than on statistics. Having mentioned this, please accept the calculation below as an educated estimate, as well as an invitation for discussion and comments.

Let’s take a typical full-service restaurant.

  • We have assumed there are 6 servers working 2 shifts, totaling 12 shifts per day.
  • 2 bartenders working 2 shifts, so 4 shifts per day.
  • There are 3 managers throughout the day.  Totally 3 manager shifts per day.

Using the average time, a server manages and handles cash, the server is spending 10 to 15 minutes a shift on this task daily.

  • Let’s use a low estimate.  Say it’s 10 minutes.
  • Each day 120 min (2 h) used to count cash by servers,
  • plus 40 minutes, by bartenders.

This means 160 min a day is used by the staff just to count cash! 
Multiply this by 30 days and we get 4800 minutes are used each month to count and manage cash. 
This low estimate amounts to 80 hours each month.  
Let’s use an average of $7 per hour paid to the servers and bartenders.

This amounts to a $560 a month savings opportunity.   

Now, let’s look at the managers. 

We have evaluated the manager is spending around 45 – 60 minutes each day just to solve the cash management tasks:

  •  build and reconcile daily cash banks
  •  Reconcile petty cash
  •  End of day balancing
  •  Gratuity administration
  •  Overs and shorts investigations
  •  Cash handling issues
  •  Etc……

The ATR will decrease the time managers spend on cash management to 25 minutes or less.
(Actual estimated time spent by managers will be 15 minutes or less)
The result is the 3 managers will save at least 1 hour each day on cash management.
The restaurant will save 30 hours of manager’s time a month.
In the case, let’s take an average rate per hour…..$25 an hour.

Using conservative estimates, the result is a savings of $750 each month in the supervisor/manager duties. 

Let summarize.
Using very low estimates,
The ATR can save $560 in server/bartender wages.
$750 per month in supervisor/manager wages.