The drop of cash usage during COVID is a rising important question.

Authors of the report (*) have stated, despite the still very high volume of cash payments (“Over £100 billion is spent in shops [in UK – E.V.] using coins and notes every year …”), the number of cash transactions is falling down.

Authors of the report are rising very important problem: “The continuing reduction in the use of cash in transactions is putting pressure on the cash system. Many of the costs of cash production and distribution are fixed.”

The good example here is the CIT device when you pay per visit, not per cash volume!

How to respond to the developing trend?

There is only one right answer:

We at Till-Pro devote to this goal.

Our Automated Till Register significantly lowers the cash handling expenses, eliminates time used for routine cash related operation (counting, verification, storing, accounting, etc.), and significantly reduce the CIT related expenses.