We along with Tom (he is a partner at Till-Pro and has long history managing multiply restaurants) have tried to make a bullet list of most routine operations, restaurant staff is performing with cash during the working day.

Here is a list of this operation:

  • first, we start by removing banks from the safe;
  • we then proceed to checks all banks and record everything on opening bank log (in many restaurants it is done manually!);
  • next step is to assign banks to the registers and have whoever is going to be working on that register sign off on the opening bank;
  • at shift change we run a cash-out and assign a new bank to the incoming employee, who has to sign off on their  opening bank;
  • at the end of the day cash out are done for each register;
  • banks are counted and logged in on the opening cash logs and then put back in the safe.

All these operations are labor-intensive, requires either cash counting or manual filling respective docs.

We have good news to all our readers: ATR automates almost all of these operations (completely or partially). The device makes obsolete cash counting, preparation of “banks”, and manage the cash movement from hand-to-hand. Most the reports related to cash management are automatically prepared.

Even more. If the device is connected to the CIT remote deposit system, the restaurant replaces Secure Safe with ATR.