The cannabis industry is at a rapid growth stage. Since the last vote in 2020, one in three Americans lives in a state where cannabis is already legalized.

In response to this rapid development in demand, new solutions have emerged in cannabis retail sales. One of such solutions is vending machines. Within a few months, the marketing of such devices will become very active. Yet the introduction of such devices is not easy! As reported in (*) , cannabis vending machines have met many obstacles.  Among the most serious, authors (*) mentioned:

  • Regulations favoring human oversight of cannabis transactions.
  • Technical issues such as integration with point-of-sale systems.
  • Limited product capacity.
  • Costs that might make cheaper solutions more attractive.

This kind of development does not surprise us! In real life, 100% automation of some processes is very difficult and expensive! At the same time, even partial automation of existing processes can be very effective and much less expensive!

The sale of cannabis is subject to very strict controls, which are often difficult to automate and could become prohibitively expensive.

Complete automation of personal identification and full control of the income received, on the one hand, is possible, on the other hand, it can significantly increase the cost of equipment.

An even more difficult task is convincing the regulator that such a system cannot be circumvented!

Our company doesn’t produce or offer to automate 100% of the cannabis sale process, but we supply solutions that largely solve the problem of payments in the cannabis sales industry,  and the problem of controlling the income received, regardless of the form of payment, including also payments in cash (currently up to 70 % of cannabis sales are in cash).

Our solution allows us to completely exclude the cashier from the process of accepting cash payments (it is carried out by the buyer himself). At the same time, our device keeps a complete record of all cash transactions (up to reports bills and coins denominations used in payment).

Our device is fully integrated with the SoftPoint ( system and can work with almost any vendor’s POS!