“Solutions that integrate with restaurants’ POS systems and allow consumers to not only view a menu, but to order and pay for their food in touchless fashion without interacting with a server, are becoming a cornerstone of these new dine-in protocols. “Such technology makes sense if you look at the numbers,” notes Chick, citing a not-yet-released Deloitte study that revealed that 71% of customers now expect to find contactless options in restaurants. The Oracle Food and Beverage Study indicates much the same, with 35% of respondents expressing a desire to pay for food from their own devices and, we can surmise, order it that way too.”

It is simply to do if the client pays by card. But, what to do if the client wants to pay cash?

With Automated Till Register (ATR) it is possible, and require very minor redesign of existing payment process .

One of possible ways is to install ATR near to restaurant manager’s or host’s location place and instruct the customer to pay bill in “self-service mode”.

In this case the runner becomes completely free from burden to manage cash!