Written by Jay Roberts

In the past, the Cannabis industry has been cash-based due in part to regulatory federal restrictions imposed on the financial industry. This makes it harder for business owners to receive payment.

A collaboration between Tillpro and SoftPoint looks to rectify this and make life easier for both the consumer and the business. First, our focus is on giving your customers the ability to use an unattended cash receiving vault that can dispense change. While offering business a secure bank to hold the funds received.

In addition, we have the capability to create unattended payment solutions crafted specifically for your business. This all leads to lowering the necessary staff to run the day to day operations in addition to accounting for the change of consumer habits due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, we offer traditional cash management services that look to improve efficiency and security.

Till Pro’s patented Automated Till Register “ATR” allows for more precise accounting of payments, removes the necessity for employee cash handling, gives updates on low currency and suspicious activity, and ultimately makes the checkout process faster for your customers. This is helpful for businesses who would like to transition to a cheaper but frankly easier payment model.