Prior to COVID-19, the restaurant industry had already begun to adopt new technology to build customer loyalty and drive sales. As consumers start eating out again, restaurants need to double down on digital transformation to meet their needs.

The right communications technology can help restaurants:

  • Increase speed of service
  • Enable more upselling
  • Service a higher volume of guests
  • Reduce food waste
  • Allow customers to reserve, order, and pay through their mobile devices
  • Streamline internal communication for better service

We at Till-Pro have concentrated to solve the last two problems. Our Automated Till Register (ATR) is already integrated with the SoftPoint Cloud system (Please read more at that enables the restaurant to accept any type of payments (including the cash in 100% automated mode), using customers mobile phones or servers handheld devices’ the ATR allows the restaurant to use “contactless” cash payments when the customer pays in cash at an ATR and minimizing the interaction with server or host.

Till-Pro currently is testing proprietary developed “restaurant internal communication system, Call Staff”. The system makes radio obsolete, currently in use in most restaurants, and opens the customer/server and customer/manager voice communication channels. Better communication customers to the server or with the restaurant manager when needed will significantly help improve overall performance/results..